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kattenpension Het Catshuys in Ermelo
kattenhotel Het Catshuys in Ermelo

Het Catshuys (the Cats House) is a small scale, luxurious cat hotel where health, serenity and relaxation are our priorities! Our guests quickly adapt and feel safe in their own lavish room, which is exclusively reserved for them. 

It feels calm and relaxed. The temperature is comfortable, just the way cats like it, and the sounds of soft background music fill the air.

Differently to a cat pension, the luxurious hotel rooms are exclusively reserved to your cat(s), and do not have to be shared by other, unknown cats. This way stress, which is inevitable after traveling from home to the cat hotel, can be reduced as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to make your cat feel safe, which leads to a more relaxed cat which helps with the cat's appetite. Subsequently, a healthy appetite is necessary to retain good resilience and wellbeing.

Het Catshuys is closed:
  - from the 3rd of March and through to the 17th of March 2019

Our hotel is centrally located in The Netherlands, easily accessible from the A28 and parking is conveniently located at the hotel.


The rooms 

The hotelrooms, choose out of Excellent, Luxe or Comfort 

Each hotel guest of cat hotel Het Catshuys stays in their own pleasant and generously designed room, which will not be shared with any unknown cats. Additionally, this allows us to accurately monitor our hotel guests' habits such as eating, drinking, and to ensure there are no problems with the cat's urine and faeces.

Excellent room


Luxe room


Comfort room

The wellbeing of our guests in Het Catshuys is of utmost importance, therefore no stress is our main goal! Relaxation only happens when one feels safe, so confrontations with unknown cats doesn't occur in Het Catshuys. Private rooms for each cat has several other advantages, such as: the feeding bowls and litters are not shared, and therefore the chance of spreading contagious illnesses through direct contact or via faeces is largely ruled out. 


 Frequently asked questions 

Does Het Catshuys also have a common area and/or a play room? 
Het Catshuys does not have a common area; there will never be any physical contact between cats that don't know each other. The moving of cats from their own (safe and known) room to a new area aggravates stress levels, which is exactly what we want to prevent. The rooms are spacious enough to climb, to look outside through the window, to play with food puzzles, a ball or a soft toy, possibly with catnip. We also have individual playtime sessions with the cats to stimulate the hunt- and climb instincts.
Can the cats go outside at Het Catshuys? 
Het Catshuys does not have an outside area. To retain our high hygiene standards, a lot of time and work will go into additional cleaning, which would reduce the time and affection we would prefer to devote to the cat. Additionally, we want to prevent our guests' contact with wasps, flees, ticks and other possible pathogens.
Won't my cat get bored in a small area? 
Naturally a room in Het Catshuys is smaller than the area the cat has access to at home. In the average home situation, a cat sleeps approximately 16-20 hours a day. The remaining hours are spend moving through the house, from one rest area to another. Only about 15-30 minutes is spend on actual physical activities such as running, playing, climbing, etc. Throughout the day each cat will receive one on one attention by playing, patting, brushing, cuddling or just some comforting lap time. Furthermore, we offer food puzzles for mental stimulation.   
Why is Het Catshuys more expensive than the average cat accommodation?
Het Catshuys is worth the price! Het Catshuys is not comparable with the average cat accommodation where cats stay in a group. Each room in Het Catshuys is furnished with a luxurious scratching post with soft, comfy rest spots. After each and every stay, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All beds, blankets, cushions, etc. are washed at 60 degrees Celsius, allowing the next cat to be in a fresh, clean room with the least possible amount of another cat's scent. 
If I supply my cat's food, will my cat's stay be cheaper?
On average, a cat each approximately 50 grams of dry food a day. As a hotel we buy cat food in large quantities, which significantly lowers the food's cost price. The daily costs of feeding a cat are minimal, so this would hardly make a difference to the daily price. 
My cat never goes outside, so then there shouldn't really be a need to get him/her vaccinated?
Especially for cats who never go outside, vaccinating is very important when he/she will stay in a cat hotel! Vaccination is the administering of a weakened form of viruses and/or bacteria, resulting in the cat to develop antibodies against these. Cats who never go outside, will never be in contact with these pathogens and therefore do not make any antibodies. Subsequently, the resilience is lower than cats who often go outside and/or are vaccinated, which makes unvaccinated cats more prone to illnesses. Due to stress in a cat hotel (new environment, different scents), a cat's appetite usually decreases which makes them even more vulnerable and prone to illnesses. More information about the importance of vaccinating can be read on the  'health'  page. 

Customer reviews


Semba en Bodhi

"Bevlogenheid, kennis en visie; dat is wat Monique uitstraalt als zij het heeft over haar passie: katten.  Begin dit jaar hadden zij een enorme stress ervaring opgedaan in een pension waar ze met meerdere katten in één grote ruimte verbleven."

klantreview kwienie

Kwienie en Muis

Bericht aan de dierenarts van eigenaar: "... Wij zijn blij dat wij Monique gevonden hebben als veilig logeeradres voor Kwienie en Muis. Wij zijn niet zo van het doorsturen van berichten. In dit geval maken we echter graag een uitzondering en durven we een beroep te doen op jullie tijd. Misschien dat jullie er anderen mee kunnen helpen." 

Jantje en Joris

"Onze katten vonden het fijn bij het Catshuys. Jantje en Joris hebben weleens ergens anders gelogeerd maar vooral Joris vond het dan lastig wennen tussen de andere katten. Hier hadden ze een fijne kamer met z'n tweeën. Ze kregen veel aandacht en we werden op de hoogte gehouden door foto's en video's."


Het Catshuys is affiliated with Divebo, branch organisation for enterprising pet specialists.